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How do I start?

We can arrange our first meeting by phone or email, whatever forum is most comfortable for you. Our first session together is free as it is for assessment, because you need to feel comfortable with me as your counsellor. You tell me your difficulty, and we work out whether therapy is right for you. You can ask anything you need to about how counselling can help you and, should you decide to continue, after that, it's entirely your decision how long you stay in therapy. I will always follow your lead. I work a lot though Skype if that suits you as I recognise the emotional and work demands of many lives is such that meeting face to face is not always a practical option.

  Will we meet at the same time each week?

It is preferable to meet at a set time each week but this might not always possible for you. So we can be flexible and arrange the next week's appointment at the end of each session. I see people in the daytime and the evenings, but not weekends.

  I'm worried about what to say at the beginning

I have no expectations of you and what you should or shouldn’t be saying. If you are worried about what to say and how to say it, we will explore what's difficult for you. It might be because your difficulty is making you anxious, or it might be something deeper, and we explore what's underneath. If you are silent, we look at what the silence means and what you are experiencing in the silence. It’s your space to be however you feel you need to be, and this often changes from week to week depending on what is happening for you at the time.

  Is it confidential?

I work to the highest standards of professional ethics, and this includes an absolute commitment to confidentiality. Visit the BACP website for information: From the BACP homepage, click the tab at the top marked ‘Information.’ Then click on the link ‘Ethical Framework.’ On page 6 is information headed ‘Privacy and Confidentiality’ which outlines how everything will stay between us except for certain specific circumstances which I would always discuss with you.

  Does a therapist give advice?

Therapy is not for giving advice as I believe you are your own best expert, but I will work with you to help you empower yourself and find solutions to whatever might be worrying you. I might interpret what is happening for you or notice patterns for example, but I will always be sensitive to you and what it is that you feel comfortable discussing or processing.

  How long does it take?

This is very variable and depends on the individual. Some people take as much benefit as they want from, say, twelve sessions, while others choose to be in therapy for a number of months or even years. It is entirely your choice and you never need to worry should you wish to end therapy as I will always follow your lead.

  How does couples therapy work?

I use the word 'couples' to mean more than one person coming for therapy at the same time, as you may be having difficulties in any type of relationship, such as with your partner, a child, another family member or a friend. My role is to facilitate a respectful, safe space for you both to express yourselves freely, and also to be fully heard without interruptions or accusations. As your therapist I am not on one person's 'side.' I am there for your relationship, and therefore support you both. The aim is for each partner to feel secure enough to say what is on their minds without feeling judged. I will try and help you to identify and work towards resolving struggles and problems.

  I am not based in Bournemouth, but would still like to make use of your services.  Do you offer online counselling?

Yes. Online counselling via Skype or FaceTime can be arranged.  This is also an option if you are not able to travel to my consulting room.  To learn more about how this works see: Online Counselling.

  How much does it cost?

  • Individual therapy: £50 for 50 mins
  • Couples/Relationship counselling: £70 per hour
  • Clinical supervision: £50 per hour
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