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Thoughts about life, it's many joys and tribulations, and the role of therapy in our emotional journey towards becoming our true selves.

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde

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We live in a pressured, competitive world, which for many leads to an elevated anxiety stemming from over overthinking and catastrophizing which often feels impossible to counter. It was this that I spoke about on BBC Radio Nottingham, trying to address how it manifests and affects individuals and relationships, and what can be done to manage debilitating results.  Listen to the Interview . . .

8 November 2016


Bereavement is a psychic amputation. Just as one might lose a limb, initially you can’t function effectively and all you can see 24/7 is that it isn’t there. Gradually, you learn to compensate and adapt and have moments when you forget. But always you have times, often unexpectedly triggered, when you are reminded that the limb is missing. 

 Read more. . .

20 December


“I read this article. It said the typical symptoms of stress are eating too much, smoking too much, impulse buying, and driving too fast. Are they kidding? This is my idea of a great day!’ - Monica Piper

Life places so many demands on us, and while most of the time we might be able to rise to the challenges these pose, if stress is prolonged and excessive, it can overwhelm and lead to us burning out.  Read More . . .

9 October 2014

Let's Play - An Introduction to Working Therapeutically with Children

“Play under the control of the player gives the child his first and the most crucial opportunity to have the courage to think, to talk and perhaps even be himself.” (Bruner, 1983)  Read more. . .

working therapeutically with children, Indaba Counselling, Nottingham

12 March 2014

Online Therapy – counselling accessibility for all

Have you been thinking about going for counselling but the thought of seeing a therapist face-to-face just feels too daunting? Perhaps you are disabled or are physically too unwell; possibly you are crippled by a social anxiety which traps you in your home and yet you long for support?  Read more. . .

17 January 2014

It's a Man's World. Or is it?
Counselling for Men

I don’t think it’s that easy being a man in our western culture, even though on the surface it appears they hold all the power, as the gender injustices that limit women cannot be denied.  For example, men are traditionally regarded as the ‘stronger sex’; monopolise top jobs without glass ceilings and make up the majority of protagonists in the film industry. Yet this is a double-edged sword as these apparent privileges are underpinned by relentless expectations of how our boys and men need to present themselves if they are to fit in to this patriarchal world of dominance, make their mark, avoid ridicule and impress those around them.  Read more . . .

28 October 2013

couple having sex therapySex in the Therapeutic Relationship

Nothing feels quite as fantastic as being enthused and passionate about a topic, hoping that others will engage and be just as interested, and finding that the desired response from the audience turns out to be exactly that!

My interest in "Sex in the Therapeutic Relationship" has its roots in my dissertation.  In the end, however, I felt that my research created more questions than it answered. The avenues that I could branch down seemed to multiply, each a book on its own.  For example I would be interested in following up with a study on men in a long term relationship; or gay couples; or different socio-ecomonic classes; or drawing a comparison of different cultures’ attitudes to sex to name but a few.  Listen and Read More. . .
3 October 2013

The Perils of Pornography

As the mother of a teenage boy I am all too aware that I have little influence over my son compared to peers, media and the like. I hope that by this stage he has developed an ingrained sense of what is right and moral which will help guide him to make positive choices. In wishing my son to grow up to be confident, polite, warm, and respectful of others, I sincerely believe that these character traits should extend to any intimate relationships that he may have. Read more